Does your Inner Critic talk too much?
Let's change that.

The Authentic You Project is an online course that can help you to change the way you see yourself. You’ll become more aware of how your inner critic impacts your potential and learn ways to navigate the ‘thoughts minefield’. You will work on unpacking your thoughts and how to become more of a self-coach, encouraging and supporting the real, authentic you.
be the best version of you

This carefully designed learning guides you from feeling like you are overwhelmed, unheard, invisible or just simply not enough, to a place where you can start to take action to be the best version of you.

Be the best version of you


The Authentic You Project

Here’s what you will explore in this course:


Hear from the course
facilitator, her story and
passion for the topic.

Module 1

This module covers mindful thinking as well as understanding why you’re doing this learning.

Module 2

Module two is focussed on being aware of what is going on internally and some tips for increasing awareness.

Module 3

The thoughts minefield is vast! Module 3 outlines some of these, like imposter syndrome, perfectionism, toxic relationships, bullies, victims, and invisibility.

Module 4

Unpacking your own thoughts
and understanding more
about your own inner critic is
the important work done in
module 4


Once you’ve worked on your
inner critic in module 4, it is
perfect timing for a 30 minute
coaching session; and yes, this
is included as part of your
course cost!.

Module 5

Building some skills to start being your own coach is the focus of module 5

Module 6

Module 6 is all about insights through reflection, actions and accountability. Results come when you put the work in.


We offer a bunch of bonuses to help you continue to be the best authentic you once this learning is done.