Coaching that truly makes a difference

If you need to make a change, step things up, or untangle your thoughts to make a decision, coaching can be hugely valuable.

Backed with Qualifications & Training

Heather has a Masters degree, plus various accreditations and certifications for coaching, facilitation and use of a number of personality and career tools. For us, learning is a life-long pursuit and there are always opportunities to learn or train in something new. We believe this can help us better understand situations or other people, or to enhance our own lives.

Professional and Personal Experience

Over 25 years experience as a professional in People and Culture roles, Heather has deep experience as a facilitator and coach. Heather’s approach is professional and caring with a preference for practical, lasting solutions. She has experienced many challenges and significant changes in her own personal and professional life.


One of our aims is to make coaching available to anyone. We want you to be able to invest in yourself whenever you want to, or need to! Our rates are affordable, and packages for multiple coaching sessions are structured at a discounted cost. From time to time, we gift coaching sessions on our Facebook page Elev8 NZ Ltd. Make sure you follow our page to find out more.

How coaching works
at Elev8 NZ

A coaching session is 45 minutes and conducted one-on-one, just you and your coach, using Zoom or by phone.

We will offer you information about what to expect and how to be prepared for your coaching session. One thing you can expect is that your coach will ask useful and thought-provoking questions to help guide you through the work to achieve your goals. This will help you to create solid and long-lasting solutions.

The key information from each session is documented in a worksheet for you to follow through on the agreed actions and add your own reflections.

Our coaching is available as a single session, or in discounted packages of three or five coaching sessions.

Session Choices

  • One off sessions are a great way to get a taste for the benefits of coaching and how it works for you.
  • Three sessions give you an opportunity to explore a particular goal and have regular check-ins as you make changes over a three to five month period.
  • A five session package allows you to make valuable progress through the coaching experience over a longer period of time (up to 12 months). You can cover multiple topics in the coaching sessions or focus in on one goal.

How you can be sure

We believe feeling comfortable with your coach is critical to your success. We offer a free, no obligation 15 minute conversation so you can decide whether we are a good match. That’s important to us.

There is nothing to lose.
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Coaching Testimonials


I was fortunate to engage in coaching with Heather to help me move past indecision and into action. Heather brought enormous value to our coaching sessions through her deep listening, powerful questions and suggestions offered from experience. Thank you Heather! Definitely time well spent. Would highly recommend Heather as a professional coach.

Natalie, Australia